2017 Ransomware is king – Beware of random callers and pop-ups asking for remote access to your computer

Attention! I’m getting DAILY calls and emails from customers reporting of scam artists calling them to attempt to get on their computers with stories of “your computer has been flagged with numerous threats”. Even “you have a subscription and we need to log in to clean this up” (from a company they’ve never heard of), and other ploys:

Here are a couple of disreputable company names that may appear on your screen or caller ID to avoid:

From 1/18/17:

  1. PC Experts 365 Tampa, Fl 844-821-xxxx
  2. Online Business Windows Support Center, Boca Raton, FL 844-456-xxxx
  3. Another Report of fraud: “The first bill on 12/28/15 was from Kanagen International LLC CBA Mega Technology online 2620 S. Maryland Pky Las Vegas VC 89109 Phone 855-886-xxxx. then during summer the company was bought out by Mega IT Support, then they changed their name to Geeks. Still same phone but name changed two times” (customer taken for $600 after calling number from pop-up)
  4. Here is another scam that is going around with a complete explanation – basically how accepting some malicious Gmail requests can affect you (and what to do to stay safe): It describes a nasty Gmail phishing attack that has been gaining ground. It is a little complicated to read, but the advice about how to detect the attack in an email is pretty straightforward. https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2017/01/gmail-phishing-data-uri/?utm_source=list&utm_campaign=011817&utm_medium=email

I plan on updating this post with other bad company names as I hear of them. I’ve removed the phone number suffix so no one thinks of calling them – call me instead!

Mark Weber, Weber's Computing