Don’t fall victim to fake Microsoft or Windows remote scammers

If someone claiming to be from “Microsoft” or “Windows” or perhaps “your Internet Service Provider” and they want to remote into your computer because “they’re receiving reports of various infections” and if you let them remote onto your computer – they will help remove that data (yeah, right).  DON’T LET THEM REMOTE INTO YOUR COMPUTER! IMMEDIATELY HANG UP! These are scam artists. More information about them is on Microsoft’s CyberSecurity Website (Click here to go to that site)

If you let them on, they will snoop around, try to password protect your hard drive or encrypt your data in order to lock you out and demand a ransom fee to get back into your data. Again, why would you let them on? (Instead, let’s report them to Microsoft – click here for that page)

Do not fall for these ploys to get on your hard drive – these are criminals that have no good intent and they don’t mind lying about who they are or why they called. If you stay on the phone too long just to mess with them, they may “SWAT” you – sending the police to your address reporting a domestic disturbance or something crime. Just hang up the phone on them and if they keep calling back, report them (see the first paragraph above)

Call me if you did let them on and now you need your computer secured!