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the technology professionals laptop repair service provides comprehensive support for your laptop hardware and software needs. Our service area is Allen, Richardson, Plano, Garland, and more, we are your local experts that you need to repair your laptop. As an independent small business, we take pride in supporting the neighborhoods in which our owners, neighbors, friends, and colleagues live and work. Trust your laptop repair to us, we’ve been in this industry for over 25 years.

Why the technology professionals for laptop repair?

Our company motto is “Tech support for how you work and how you live.” Our focus for every laptop repair service is to meet your priorities. We’ll always consider and discuss with you the time and cost commitment, as well as other factors that may be unique to meeting your specific needs. We’ve performed laptop repair for hundreds of satisfied clients. We’ll perform at the same high level for YOUR laptop repair.

Laptop Repair Near Me

Whether it’s a broken laptop screen or sluggish performance, we can provide the necessary laptop shop repair for your laptop. For laptops, we perform both laptop hardware repair and laptop software repair, in addition to performing upgrades. Laptop repair is exacting and each laptop model is different, but our techs have extensive knowledge and experience in all brands.

Here are some of the laptop repair services we provide:

  • Screen Repair/Replacement – A very common laptop repair which may be caused by a broken screen, cracked screen, black screen, dim screen, or blank screen. We’ll diagnose the problem with your laptop screen and get that screen back to bright and vivid.
  • Battery Replacement – Laptop batteries can often stop taking a charge, stop holding a charge, or even discharging very quickly. We’ll determine the underlying laptop battery problem, and repair, replace, or even upgrade your laptop battery.
  • Hard Drive Failure – Laptop hard drives have a tougher time than other computer hard drives. Being both smaller and more mobile means that laptop hard drives often fail sooner than other hard drives. We’ll replace a faulty laptop hard drive with the best option for performance and stability.
  • Data Recovery and Migration – The safe and secure recovery or migration of data to or from your laptop is always a high priority for our techs. Your data is important, and we’ll take good care of it.
  • Windows Upgrade – If your laptop is even just a couple of years old, then it may be time to upgrade to the latest version of Windows. There are lots of details to manage when considering this type of upgrade. Let us make the process easy and quick. You’ll love your like new laptop.
  • Memory Upgrade – Let us give your laptop a speed and performance boost. Upgrading the RAM is so quick and RAM prices continue to drop, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!
  • Virus/Malware Removal – If popups, slow performance, and other problems are keeping your laptop from peak performance, you could have a virus infection. One of our most popular services is to remove viruses and malware. We also make sure to get any lingering remnants. Our guarantee against secondary occurrences of the infection is very popular with laptop owners. We have performed thousands of virus/malware laptop repairs.
  • Hard Drive Upgrade – If what your laptop needs is more storage space, then a laptop hard drive upgrade is the laptop repair you need. Additionally, laptop hard drive prices continue to drop and storage space and hard drive speeds continue to increase. Now is the right time to increase your laptop performance to the next level with a hard drive upgrade.
  • Operating System Refresh – A laptop can perform thousands of calculations and operations per minute, every minute it is in use. All that work, over time, leaves behind an accumulation of unused files, settings, downloads, etc that can slow down your laptop. An OS refresh will clear all of this away and leave your laptop performing like the day it came out of the box.
  • Overheating Repair – If a laptop is unable to properly vent the heat that is generated from its use, the laptop may experience random shutdowns and Blue-Screen-of-Death type errors. Other poor or odd behavior can be common in this situation also. We’ll diagnose and repair the issue (often caused by a clogged or malfunctioning system fan or heatsink).
  • and many other laptop repair services.

Laptop Brands

We have years of experience repairing every laptop brand. The brands we repair most often include:

*Acer *Alienware *ASUS
*Dell *E-Machines *Gateway
*HP/Compaq *Lenovo/IBM *MSI
*Samsung *Sony Vaio *Toshiba

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