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the technology professionals offers expert computer and PC repair. We are proud to serve small businesses and residential users in Richardson, Garland, Plano, Allen, Murphy, Sachse, Parker and surrounding areas. We are and independent and locally-owned computer repair shops; we serve and support our neighbors, friends, and the community in which we live. We are also insured and experienced, with greater than 25 years in the technology industry.

Why the technology professionals?

“Tech support for how you work and how you live.” Our motto is a reminder that we are always intent on serving you. We provide computer repair with a focus on your priorities. Our techs always consider repair time, cost, and other important factors when offering desktop repair solutions. We’ve success repaired THOUSANDS of desktop computers.

Computer Repair/PC Repair Services

Does your computer need repair service? We service hardware issues, software issues, as well as provide upgrade support. Each of our computer repair technicians is experienced and our team works together to provide the following repair services:

  • Hard Drive Failure – We’ll diagnose and replace your desktop computer failed hard drive
  • Power Supply Failure – If your computer won’t turn on, it may need a new PSU (power supply unit). We’ll install the correct replacement.
  • Memory Upgrade – We install additional RAM to increase your desktop’s speed and performance.
  • Operating System Refresh – Clear the accumulated gunk of years with an OS refresh that will have your computer running like new again.
  • Data Recovery and Migration – Let our techs safely locate and migrate your important data files thoroughly and securely.
  • Windows Upgrade – If it’s time to upgrade to a new version of Windows, we’ll take your desktop to the next level with our Windows Upgrade service.
  • Virus/Malware Removal – Viruses and malware are an ever present and growing problem for desktop computers. We will remove the virus or malware, and any lingering remnants. We also provide a guarantee against secondary occurrences of the infection. When we clean up a virus infection, it stays clean!
  • Hard Drive Upgrade – Hard drives have an average life expectancy of 4-5 years. Additionally, hard drive technology gets better every day, while prices get more and more affordable. We’ll supercharge your desktop computer’s performance and extend its life by upgrading your system’s hard drive.
  • Overheating Repair – Random computer shutdowns and other odd behavior is often caused by computer overheating. Let us diagnose the root cause and repair the issue or replace the faulty part (often a broken or clogged system fan).
  • Motherboard/CPU Repair – The motherboard and CPU are the brains of a desktop computer. We’ll make sure each of these crucial components works at peak efficiency.
  • and many other computer repair services

Computer Brands

Our technicians have years of experience repairing every desktop computer brand. Here are several of the top brands we repair:

*Acer *Alienware *ASUS
*Dell *E-Machines *Gateway
*HP/Compaq *Lenovo/IBM *MSI
*Sony *Custom

Call Now for Desktop Computer Repair!

At the technology professionals, we are ready to service YOUR computer repair needs. For more info on computer repair near me or computer shop repair near me services call us or message us via the website. We are currently taking on new clients in Plano, Richardson, Lucas, Garland, Allen, St Paul, Wylie, Murphy, and Sachse.

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