DFW Tech Support Service

The Technology Professionals, we believe in tech support service delivery excellence. All our tech experts are fully invested in providing quality workmanship that is necessary to achieve the best outcomes and a whole lore more. As a dedicated, full-service tech support service company, we want to build the perfect tech environment for homes and businesses by delivering efficient, prompt, and affordable service every single time. Our tech support services will help improve productivity, optimize performance, and enhance your technology experience all together.

Why Choose The Technology Professionals Tech Support Service?

We deliver innovative tech support services that enhance the way you use your tech devices at home or at your place of business. Our tech experts will fix all your tech-related issues, no matter how big or small they are. From computer operating system updates to embracing cutting-edge online marketing solutions, our tech support services have proven themselves to satisfy and exceed client expectations.

The Technology Professionals has the right set of people that take over and deal with your tech needs. We have a passion for formulating and delivering tech solutions that are effective and competitive, as well as allow your home and business technologies amongst your peers. Our tech experts are extensive trained, qualified, and are committed to further learning, so that we can present you with the best tech support and quick resolution to your concerns. Our team holds years of technical and professional certifications in specializations such as computer repair, Apple repair, managed IT services, and marketing to name a few.

Our Technology Professionals Tech Support Services

The Technology Professionals takes our job seriously as evidenced by our firm commitment to drive your organization towards success. We will go the extra mile for every client we serve through our flexible tech support service packages that are designed to meet your unique home and business tech requirements

Computer Repair

Our computer repair service experts will get the job done right the first time, with record speed and precision. We offer a wide range of computer repair services ranging from simple hardware setup, screen replacement, to more technical tasks such as software upgrading and data recovery.

Laptop Repair

We save you time, effort, and money with our laptop repair service. Instead of shipping your laptop to its manufacturer and spending a huge amount of money, we bring you cost-effective and fast laptop repair with unmatched workmanship and efficiency. For urgent cases, we can repair laptop components the same day. 

 Apple Repair

We all love Apple and the amazing tech products that they create, but we aren’t too impressed with their expensive and tedious after sales repair service. Whether your Mac is running slow, doesn’t turn on, or suffered from water damage, our tech experts have the knowledge and skills to save your Apple device from the point of unrepair.

Managed IT Services

We deliver the right results to our clients. We are passionate about creating smart and efficient solutions that meet your distinct tech needs.  Managed IT services is one of our core offerings and our tech experts are obsessed with providing superior-quality services include remote monitoring, cloud backup systems, and IT consulting, so your business can enjoy peak efficiency at all times.


We create marketing strategies that inspire steady growth for your business. Our marketing specialists will help integrate time-tested marketing solutions, so you can achieve your business goals without breaking the bank. We fill in the talent gaps and become your trusted partner to execute strategic and well-planned online marketing campaigns that include SEO, web design, Google Analytics, and so much more.


The Technology Professionals was established by people who are passionate about computing systems and technology. Our expert technicians delivers superior-quality hardware and spare parts that you need. Rest assured that you get the best price to value and top-notch hardware and IT components including screens, video cards, motherboards, servers, and routers just to name a few.

Why Hire The Technology Professionals?

At The Technology Professionals, we understand the necessity of delivering timely and efficiency tech support service to our home and business customers. We will respond to any and all of your tech concerns as soon as possible. As an experience tech support service company running for more than 25 years, we can guarantee to resolve all of your concerns using our strategic, meticulous, and time-tested tech support strategies. Lastly, we maintain a strong network of partnerships and alliances that enable us to be your go-to service provider for all tech support needs.

We are proud to offer our menu of tech support services to clients in the following areas: Allen, Garland, Lucas, Murphy, Plano, Richardson, Sachse, St. Paul, and Wylie. If you need our assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out and call our direct line today.